Introducing CartStack x Cratejoy

We’re happy to announce today that Cratejoy has partnered with the optimization and cart recovery SaaS solution, CartStack. Have you heard of CartStack yet? Their software combines audience remarketing and sales recovery tools into one easy-to-use service.

We know how hard it can be to balance all your responsibilities as a small business entrepreneur. It’s tough enough to find the time to process new orders, procure high-quality products every month, fulfill all your shipments, and engage with fan communities on social media. Adding a campaign to win back shoppers who dropped off halfway through the sales funnel on top of all that can be a trial for anyone. Our CartStack integration, however, makes this easier. With CartStack, you’ll be able to target customers, sell subscriptions, and win back up to 15% of “lost” potential sales in a snap!

Learn more: Read how to set up CartStack with your Cratejoy account on their website.

To kick off our new partnership – and to help you take advantage of the holiday shopping rush – CartStack is doubling their usual “$1,000 guarantee” for Cratejoy merchants. In short? If you sign up today, you can recover a minimum of $2,000 in otherwise-lost sales for free this holiday season!

Below, we’ve outlined some of the ways you can use CartStack to optimize your sales this season.

Cart Recovery Emails

CartStack will send automated emails to flaky would-be customers, reminding them of their abandoned cart. These reminders have been proven to recapture 15% of previously abandoned sales! We recommend setting this up to send the first email within 20 minutes of the person’s visit.

Check out this example from Stitcher:

As you can see, CartStack personalizes this customer’s email to showcase the specific Stitcher products they left in their cart. You’ll also be able to A/B test your marketing copy on these emails as well, to find the wording with the highest recovery rate.

In addition, CartStack offers win-back emails for what they call “browse abandonment” – in other words, the digital equivalent of window shopping. Once you install the app, their software monitors your shoppers on every page of your storefront or Marketplace listing, so you can capture leads even if the shopper drops off. Even if they don’t enter the checkout portion of your subscribe flow, CartStack will be able to send them promotional emails to come back and buy.

Exit Pop-Ups

Remember exit intent? Well, CartStack is a pro at these. Merchants who have a storefront can set up pop-up windows with a special deal and email capture CTA for customers leaving their site.

Have Customers Remind Themselves

CartStack’s “Send My Cart” feature allows customers on the fence to email themselves a reminder of products they were considering. Additionally, it creates wishlists with these products for the customer, so they return and follow through on their purchase later.

That’s not all – CartStack is hard at work on other sales recovery technologies, including a push notification feature coming soon.

Ready to Sign Up?

It’s easy to integrate CartStack into your Cratejoy business! All you need to do is sign up for a free trial, and follow their simple guide to set up tracking on your site. As a Cratejoy seller, you won’t pay for CartStack until you recover at least $2,000 in abandoned sales, either. So what are you waiting for?

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