Introducing Our Monthly Giveaway

Did you plan to enter Cratejoy’s Feelin’ Lucky contest earlier this month and miss your chance? Well, we’ve got exciting news for you! Starting this week, we’re running a monthly giveaway contest.

The main takeaway? Write a review for one of the boxes in our Discover New Favorites collection and you could win a free box of your choice* from the Cratejoy Marketplace.

How It Works

Every month, reviewers can enter our monthly contest by submitting a review for one of these boxes. So here are the ground rules:

  1. Only one review per box allowed, but you can review multiple boxes if you wish.
  2. Reviews with photos get additional consideration.
  3. Reviews will be judged based on readability, authenticity, and effort. (Read more about our selection criteria here.)
  4. Eligible reviews and photos must follow Cratejoy’s guidelines for user-submitted content and images. In short, be respectful of others’ privacy, truthful about your experience, and keep it relevant. Any reviews or images that fall outside these guidelines will not be considered.

What are you still waiting for? Write a review today!

*Eligible boxes must be listed for sale on the Cratejoy Marketplace and worth up to $100/month including shipping. All prizes are final; subscription box prizes are not redeemable for cash or return. Offers only valid at Other terms and conditions may apply.

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