Make Money From Home: Selling Homemade Goods

Make Money From Home

Do you have a special talent for creating something? Maybe you are great at candlemaking or cardmaking. Well, you can “sell those talents” in online stores to make a little extra! I love these kinds of businesses because people are making and doing what they love as their home business. It’s the best of both worlds! Here are some ways to sell your homemade items online.

1Etsy. I’m not a huge shopper but I love looking through all the unique items they have for sale! Every seller has a unique product they are selling and each person’s personality shines through. Etsy does charge a percentage for you to sell on their site and it’s good if you are looking to sell one-time product.

2. Sell them as a subscription with Cratejoy. The exciting trend right now is subscriptions. Subscription boxes with different goods inside or simply subscribing to receive the same product monthly before you run out. Everyone is searching for subscriptions too, so it’s the perfect time for retailers to jump on the bandwagon. The other good thing about selling goods as a subscription rather than one-time is the life time value you get from each customer. Rather than the customer buying from you and leaving, potentially never to be seen again, they stay on as a customer paying you & buying from you every month. Try selling as a subscription with Cratejoy

Do you sell handmade items? Have you considered a subscription model for your products?

3. Create Your Own Site. If you want to have a professional site and brand it as your own you can do that by just creating your own site. You can use Blogger as a free platform and then search for professional templates. Most templates are free and there is hundreds of thousands out there to pick from! We currently use Blogger as the platform for our M&D Photography site (although we are switching that one to WordPress) and I use the free Store Envy platform for my Treasures From the Prairie site.

4. Ebay. Ebay isn’t the best place to showcase your talents, but it is a place, and it’s inexpensive and easy to run an Ebay business. You will have to have all your goods created ahead of time to be able to showcase them and take pictures. The bonus for Ebay is that everyone knows about it and traffic will be high.

When you plan on selling online….create incentives to boost your new sales and to encourage customers to try new things. For example, with every first order on me and my mom’s site Treasures, the customer will get a free Lotion Bar or Taco Seasoning Packet. It’s simple for us just to add that to the order as a “sample” and hopefully the buyer will like the sample so much they will return to buy more. Also try having sales on your products and offering special discounts. All those encourage buyers to buy more and buy often.

Try and take great pictures of your items for sale. You don’t need a great camera, just be sure that you have proper, natural lighting for the pictures and make sure that the item is in focus. Think about a huge online store like, do you think their products would sell half as good if they had some odd picture of each thing, or even no picture at all?

Take advantage of Farmer’s Markets, flea markets, and craft fairs. All these are great ways to sell to people that are already interested in buying handmade goods. You may have to pay a small fee for a table or booth but it should be worth it.

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