Marketplace Feature Updates: May 2019

Happy Tuesday! This month, Cratejoy is thrilled to bring you a whole host of brand-new feature updates. We know you have asked for more control over your brand experience on the Cratejoy Marketplace, and we hear you. We’re eager to show off the features we’re introducing to make your listing even better this summer!

More Control Over Your Brand Reputation

We don’t need to tell you that your Marketplace listing’s appearance, from image slideshow to subscriber reviews, is important. You’ve told us before how much listing features – especially reviews – matter to your business. That’s why we’re excited to unveil not one, not two, but five new features to optimize your brand on the Marketplace!

Listings Link to Blog Posts

Our blog posts have always linked to included Marketplace listings, but now, your listing will also link to our blog! In short, any Cratejoy blog content you’re featured in will show up on your listing. This new feature allows you to showcase your subscription box in the best possible light – and increase your conversion rate.

Potential subscribers can find this feature directly below the reviews section of your Marketplace listing. Check out an example above!

Now in Beta: Questions & Answers

Now, potential subscribers have the opportunity to ask questions about your box and get answers from existing subscribers – or yourself! This new feature is key to optimizing your brand. Not only does it ease your support load, saving you time from unnecessary or repetitive customer questions, but it also encourages transparency – and thereby builds trust – in your business.

Read more: Take a look at our content guidelines for consumers and FAQ for merchants about this feature in our help center.

Merchants aren’t required to answer questions, but this can be a great way to connect with your audience and grow your conversion rate! Answering the occasional question allows you to develop a relationship with your future subscriber right off the bat.

Structured Reviews

You know how sites like TripAdvisor offer users the opportunity to rate different factors of their experience (like hotel location, cleanliness, and value)? Well, your subscribers can do the same on Cratejoy!

Now, subscribers who wish to leave a review will see the following prompt when they click “Write a Review.” The text box to review follows below:

These new metrics give you more control over your brand reputation, as it allows subscribers to highlight what they loved about their unboxing experience.

Read more: Check out our overview about these new Marketplace reviews features in our help doc.

If they loved the curation of your box, for instance, but were unsatisfied with the carrier’s delivery schedule, that demonstrates to potential subscribers a clearer idea of the experience they might expect and shows that the problem, if there is one, is not on you – it’s an issue out of your control. Additionally, this feature gives you a clearer sense of how to grow and improve! More data from your subscribers means an easier resolution in the long run.

Reply to Reviews

Merchants now have the ability to reply directly to a subscriber’s review on their listing! Instead of reaching out to the Cratejoy support team to submit a response, you can see your reviews in the merchant dashboard and write a reply right there.

Just click on “Reviews” on the left sidebar of your dashboard, find the review you want to respond to, and fill out the text box. Here’s an example:

This update makes it easier and faster for you to stay connected with your community – and build brand trust.

Sorting Reviews

In the past, your brand’s overall star rating on the Marketplace was based on a straightforward average. However, for businesses that may have changed over the years, this algorithm was not always accurate, as out-of-date reviews could impact your star rating. Now, your reviews are weighted to take recency into account. This allows your star rating to reflect a more accurate vision of your subscribers’ experience.

Review Image Carousel

Now, the photos that your reviewers upload will display in a carousel on your listing. This makes it easier for your potential subscribers to get a clear sense of what to expect from your box!

Take a look above for an example of the new carousel feature. You can see this feature in action by scrolling to the bottom of the Reviews section on your listing.

Looking for Storefront Feature Updates?

We’ve got a host of feature updates for Cratejoy platform users rolling out this summer as well! Keep your eye on the blog for more announcements in the future.

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