New Cancellation & Refund Experiences


We’re excited to announce a small update to our cancellation and refund experiences that can have a big impact on your business.

A few weeks ago we launched a new analytics page focused on churn, or subscriber cancellations: Specifically, the right information at the right time to help you get insight into why subscribers leave, and what you can do to change that.

Our new cancellation experience is designed specifically to capture more of that information and put it in your hands. Now whenever you — or your customer support — cancel a subscription, you can enter a reason, just like subscribers can. Less information lost means another way to use your cancellation analytics dashboard to improve your product and service.


We’ve also updated the refund experience to be a little clearer, and prevent accidental refunds. The process is now two-step and includes that open-ended reasoning section, just as with cancellations, to keep you in the know and your business growing.

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These changes are relatively small from a programming perspective, but could have major impact on your future business insights, transparency, and understanding of the best way to see your subscription business grow. Keeping track of churn is a necessary task, but the customer insight you gain by learning about the meaning behind the numbers will have massive impact on your business, your future, and the happiness of every subscriber to follow.

Learn more about why churn is so important — and how to fight it — with our free ebook, then check out Subscription School for an extensive library of information on optimizing your subscription business to find, and hold onto, every possible subscriber.

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