New Feature: Per-Product Listings

Cratejoy is upgrading the way your Marketplace listings work! With our new Per-Product Listing feature you will be able to create multiple Marketplace listings — all from one Seller account.

Currently (2021), each store has one listing (we call this the “Per-Store Listing”) and all products must be on the same listing.

With Per-Product Listings, each store can have products separated out on multiple, individual listings. (We are releasing this feature in phases to all of our sellers.)

If you’ve been selected to upgrade your store from the Per-Store Listing to Per-Product Listings: check out your new Per-Product Listings page. You’ll be able to create individual listings for every product that you offer.

(Haven’t gotten your upgrade notice yet? You’ll be getting it soon!)

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In this post we’ll cover:

Benefits For Sellers & Buyers

Key Benefits for Your Buyers

  • Give buyers more concise information about your products
    • Customize each individual listing with images & descriptions that drive sales
  • Better chances for prospective buyers to see your products
    • Product Listings makes it easier to surface your listing(s) to interested buyers
  • Clarity about which product is being purchased
    • Multiple products on one listing is confusing for buyers

Key Benefits for Sellers

  • Changes to previously approved listings go live immediately
  • Represent your products independently: 
    • List products in different categories
      • Categorizing each product correctly increase visibility & sales
  • Tailor listing details to the specific audience/ customer
    • Land the sale by using descriptions, shipping info, features, & photos to appeal to your target market
  • Get Featured!
    • Choose which listings to include/ not include when Cratejoy invites you to participate in promotions, sales, and collections

How to Set Up Product Listings

To migrate your products from the Per-Store listing (one listing with all products) to per-product listings (one listing for each product) follow the below instructions.

Click the “Products” tab (on the left of the Seller Dashboard) to make sure all products that you would like to create an individual listing for are visible. If a product that you would like to make visible is marked as “hidden”, click the product and toggle the switch on the right side to make the product visible.

While on the “Products” tab: note the name of each product. The product name will become the name of the listing so pick your product names wisely! (You can always go back into your “Products” tab and change the name.) 

Next, navigate to the “Product Listings” tab and click “Create New Listing”. On this page you will be able to select which product the listing is for and fill out all of the information to create your customer-facing listing. (Read more about setting up Product Listings here.)

After you have created high-quality listings for each product you want to sell on the Cratejoy Marketplace, you can select “Save” to save your progress or “Publish” if you are ready for your Product Listings to go live.

Once you have Published at least 1 Product Listing and have a Listing for your default Product, you’ll see an “Enable Product Listings” button on your product listings home page. 

Note: Your default Product is the first product in your list on the “Product” tab if you’ve set the order of that list. If you haven’t set your products order in that list, your default product will be the first visible product. You must create a listing for your default Product in order to enable Product Listings. 

After clicking “Enable Product Listings” on the product listings home page a message will pop up asking you to select “Submit”. Clicking “Submit” will enable Product Listings and disable your old store listing. 

Congratulations, you’ve just switched your store over to Product Listings! (Click here for a walk through on this set up process with helpful links & graphics.)

This video shows the process of migrating to Product Listings on the Seller Dashboard: 

Watch on Youtube

Product Listing FAQ

How do you determine if you have Per-Product Listings enabled on your store? 

Go to your Seller Dashboard and look at the left side. If you see a tab that says “Product Listings” you have it enabled. Do you also see a tab that says “Listing”? That means you still have the old Per-Store Listing still enabled. Finally, if you only see “Product Listings” that means you’ve fully migrated over from the Per-Store Listing.

Do you only see a tab that says “Listing” and no tab that says “Product Listings”? 

That’s okay, it just means that your store will be upgraded in the future. We’re releasing PPL to all of our Marketplace Sellers based on their unique needs. When your store gets upgraded we’ll let you know and share how to get everything set up! 

You can choose to migrate your products over to PPL by creating listings in the “Product Listings” tab. You can also leave your listing as is for now. All stores will have PPL by 2021 and store listings will be phased out in 2021 as well. 

Q: What happens to the reviews on my store listing when I switch to Per Product Listings? 

A: Your reviews will show up on the listing associated with your default product. Your default product is the first product in your list on the “Product” tab if you’ve set the order of that list. If you haven’t set your products order in that list, your default product will be the first visible product. 

Q: I have one product. Should I make multiple listings for it?

A: No, each listing should be unique to a different product. Having more than one listing for the same product is confusing for your customers and may cause reduced sales. 

View more frequently asked questions (and answers!) about Per-Product Listings here. (We’re reviewing and updating it frequently so keep checking in.) 

Best Practices for Using Per-Product Listings

Design Your Product Listing to Impress

  • High-quality listings make more sales (check out our guide on how to optimize your listing here) 

Cater to Your Customers 

  • Want to sell multiple unique products that each cater to a different target audience or market? Now, you can! (Read more here about effectively identifying & marketing to your audience.) 

Choose your Product Listing Name 

  • Each listing will now be named after the subscription product sold on the listing. 
    • Product names can always be changed in your “Products” section 

When to not use Per Product Listings

  • You may have a product that has variant pricing (example: a small box with 3-4 items & a large box with 5-6 items) or different subscription renewal terms (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly). 
    • If this is the case, keep your Per-Store Listing so that your customers can use the drop down option to select which price or term option they would like to select. (Per-Product Listings will offer this eventually, but as of October 2020 it is best to keep products with pricing & term variants on the Per-Store listing)

Use Product Listings for Multiple Products 

  • Each listing should showcase an individual & unique product. That means new images and copy that speaks directly to your intended customer.
  • Per Product listings is a great solution for Sellers looking to market a variety of products in unique ways. For the best customer experience, we want to avoid:
    • Multiple listings with the same product, images, and descriptions
    • Multiple listings for similar products with the main difference being different size variations
    • Multiple listings for similar products with different subscription terms

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