One Year of Cratejoy Marketplace Growth

We launched the Cratejoy Marketplace just over a year ago to help our sellers find new customers and grow their subscription box businesses. We believe the market for subscription products is huge, and the Marketplace enabled us to pool marketing resources and start work on a best-in-class subscription box shopping experience.

Although we’re still working hard on the Marketplace every day, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far. In a single year, the Marketplace has grown to:

  • 3 million monthly page views (+15% every month)
  • 140,000 email subscribers (+35% every month)
  • Thousands of paying subscribers (+25% every month)

More importantly, over 650 individual sellers received sales through the Marketplace in September. Rachel, from Benevolent Beauty Box, wrote us to say:

“Before I launched, I never thought I would be growing this quickly and a huge part of that is because of Cratejoy and their Marketplace. This month, I sold out 2 weeks early! Their marketing and exposure has been amazing and I can’t thank them enough for making it as easy as possible for a startup!”

Noah, from Zine-o-Matic, also wrote in:

“More than half of my new subscribers come from the Cratejoy Marketplace. My sub box is a one-man operation, so it’s great to have Cratejoy take care of the marketing so I can focus on the fun parts of running my business.”

Amber Godarkly, talking about her new box "Adorned" at our recent Boss Babes event.
Amber, talking about her new box “Adorned” at our recent Boss Babes event.

Helping our sellers grow and become successful drives the work we do at Cratejoy, so it’s very exciting to see this community of sellers and subscribers take off. We’re especially proud of our sellers who are starting a business for the first time and turning it into a success. Jennifer, from Paper Street Books and Comics, said this:

“When we began our journey as a subscription box business, never having run a business before, it was important to know what it takes to make a business thrive. [Since] Paper Street is small, operated by a two-person team, what we needed help with the most was marketing and new ways to find subscribers. Since signing up with Cratejoy, it was beyond what we expected.”

If you’re a subscription box business owner who’s listed in the Marketplace, thanks for making this incredible growth possible! We’re excited for another big year and plan to keep doing everything we can to help you with your business.

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription commerce business online. Try it free for 14 days.

About Vivek Garg

Vivek is the General Manager of the Cratejoy Marketplace. He spends every day strategizing on how to grow marketplace and help Cratejoy sellers get more customers.

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