What is Birchbox’s Monthly Churn Rate?

This was originally an answer I posted on Quora in response to the question: What is Birchbox’s Monthly Churn Rate? I’m estimating that their churn is approximately 8 or 9%. I suspect it started very low (near 5% in 2011/2012) and has slowly ramped up as they have reached serious scale (now, 55 months in

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription box business online.

Weekly Subscription News Roundup – May 8th

Cratejoy news this week Announcing the Cratejoy Subscription Marketplace Written by Amir Elaguizy on May 5th, 2015 If you’ve been to www.cratejoy.com (or checked your e-mail), you already know about this. Our official announcement is still worth a read though. Read More How to hack user testing Written by Alyson Kumpula on May 5th, 2015

Announcing the Cratejoy Subscription Marketplace

When we started Cratejoy, our goal wasn’t just to build a platform for lots and lots of subscription companies. Our goal was to help build the best businesses in the world. That’s not a statement of quantity – that’s a statement of quality. From the beginning we wanted Cratejoy’s success tied to the success of

State of the Crate – Q2 2015 Cratejoy Review

Our mission is to bring the best business model in the universe to everyone on the planet. We take our mission very seriously. Some say *too* seriously. We even made an over-the-top mission page so that everyone can see how obsessed we are with the subscription model. Part of being absolutely and totally obsessed with