People Are Talking About Us… And We Like It

We heard there’s some gossip out there about Cratejoy being the next big thing you missed…

…and we’re loving it, because it validates our vision that subscription is the next chapter for e-commerce and retail. Or as Wired’s Davey Alba called it today, “all the rage.”

Two weeks ago, we launched our service in public beta and the response has been overwhelming. There are 200 businesses using our platform already and 3,500 sellers on our waiting list, eager to delight their customers with innovative, unique, and thoughtful subscription boxes. We have a lineup of exceptional brands creating goods and services that consumers love.

Davey spelled it out well when she said, “[Subscription is] an old idea made new by the internet, and many see it as a better way to bring retail to the world, to make it more automatic while still giving people what they want.”

We totally agree and so do several other reporters who we had the privilege of chatting with over the last few weeks. Check out what they had to say.

Gabrielle Karol, FOX Business: “From razors and makeup to healthy snacks and craft projects, it’s possible to order nearly everything today through a subscription-box startup. Now, Cratejoy wants to make it easier for entrepreneurs to create their own subscription businesses with its online platform.”

Tom Cheredar, VentureBeat: “It’s becoming increasingly apparent that monthly subscription services are on the rise… Cratejoy gives pre-existing businesses – or really any business with an existing audience or loyal clientele – a way to launch a monthly subscription service that makes sense for their individual companies.”

Teresa Novelino, Upstart Business Journal: “Subscription retail provides both a sexy surprise factor for customers waiting for deliveries and a sensible source of predictable income for sellers. That’s likely why Cratejoy… has 3,000 sellers waiting to join.”

Jeff Weisbein, BestTechie: “The explosion in popularity of subscriptions makes it clear, people’s mindset are shifting from the fundamental idea of buying something once to now paying for a subscription to receive access to a service and/or get new stuff monthly… I’m excited about Cratejoy because it has the potential to revolutionize the subscription ecommerce industry by making it universally accessible to all kinds of entrepreneurs.”

We hate to brag… okay, maybe we don’t hate it so much in this case. But seriously, we’re just thrilled that sellers, consumers and the media are all seeing what we see. Subscription is going to change the e-commerce and retail landscape, one amazing brand at a time.

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