3 Reasons to Turn Your Planner Business Into a Subscription Box

No matter how well your planner or stationery business is going, it can only get better by starting a subscription box. After running the numbers, we found that “Planners” and “stationery” are among the top-searched terms on Cratejoy, so you can rest easy knowing there will be demand when you launch your product.

Below, we’ll run through a few reasons a subscription box is a great way to sell your designs.

1. Built-In Customer Retention

Cratejoy’s office dog, Woody, is passionate about customer retention

Subscription boxes are a great way to engage with your customers on a regular basis (for more on the benefits of a subscription business model, read our guide here).

For products like planners and their accessories, which operate on a monthly schedule, a subscription box is a great way to ensure customer retention.

For example, if you sell themed stickers, rather than hoping a customer that bought Halloween stickers will also buy Thanksgiving stickers, a subscription box will ensure that they do. Not only will this help you maintain your customers, but it will help you predict how many you need to produce!

2. Spend Less Time Marketing and More Time Designing

A subscription box is based on relationships. While marketing still exists for subscription boxes, it’s more about trying to get people to commit to a healthy, sustainable relationship rather than a one-time purchase.

In other words, once people subscribe, you don’t have to spend time and effort trying to get them to buy again like you would on a traditional one-time purchase model. Instead, you can spend that time designing and producing your quality products!

When you list on Cratejoy, you get exposure to thousands of unique visitors looking for subscription boxes all around the world. Many of our sellers also get access to Cratejoy’s partnerships with bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers on top of paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram!

3. Bundle Your Products

We both know your creativity doesn’t end with planners or stationery. Maybe you design invitations, letters, guestbooks, stamps, notepads – the whole 9 yards. You can give your subscribers a themed collection of all of your designs each month. Does one theme sell particularly well? No problem! Cratejoy allows you to offer single purchases on your own website so people can buy a specific theme anytime without having to subscribe!

You’re good at what you do. Starting a subscription box doesn’t mean you have to stop your one-time sales, but it’s a great addition to any design-based consumer product! Not to mention it will help better predict how much revenue you’ll bring in.

Get Started on Your Subscription Box!

Ready to start a subscription box? Cratejoy can help! Get listed with Cratejoy to reach hundreds of thousands of unique monthly visitors. Cratejoy can also easily be integrated with your existing website!

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Arvind is on the marketing team at Cratejoy. He enjoys photography and using dogs to personify business concepts (often at the same time).

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