Product Update: New Designer

Good news, Cratejoy family! Our website design tools are new, improved, and better than ever. With a focus on code-free features, we’re happy to announce our rollout of the New Designer.

What’s So New About the New Designer?

Cratejoy now allows users to add pages, develop color palettes, rearrange sections with drag and drop tools, choose from over 300 Google Fonts, view their site on multiple devices, upload photos, and more.

These tools work with zero coding on the user’s end, virtually eliminating any need to hire an outside developer. It’s easy to use and yields beautiful, professional-looking websites.

For a full walkthrough of the new tools, check out the video below:

Topics covered in video:

  • Color Tool: Starts at 00:40
  • Fonts: Starts at 1:47
  • Adding Logos: Starts at 2:54
  • Banner Images & text: Starts at 3:30
  • Buttons (CTAs): Starts at 4:14
  • Editing Sections: Starts at 5:00
  • Add new pages: Starts at 7:09

What If I’m On the Old Designer?

If your current website doesn’t have a ton of custom coding, switching to a new designer theme is incredibly simple. All of the themes in Cratejoy’s Design Store have been updated to offer the new designer’s features, so upgrading is easier than ever.

If you have an old theme that’s been heavily customized with code, you may be able to use the new designer’s code editor to transfer over your theme manually.

At this time, we do not support converting themes built for the old designer to the new designer.

What If I Can’t Tell Which Designer I’m On?


If your designer doesn’t have a dark blue toolbar on the right, you’re on the old version.

Read more: Need a bit more context to figure out which version you’re on? Check out our help article.

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