Product Update: Showcase Past Boxes in the Marketplace

Hello, sellers! We’re eager to tell you about a new feature available for your Cratejoy Marketplace listing: Past Boxes. This update allows you to show off the themed boxes you featured in recent months, which gives potential subscribers a clearer picture of your box’s unique worth and value proposition.

Why does this matter? Well, as you know, conversion is the trickiest stage of the sales funnel, and we believe that the Past Boxes feature will help you increase the conversion rate on your Marketplace listing. When potential subscribers can see your promotional pictures and “real life” images of your subscription, they’ll be more excited about your box – and more likely to sign up.

See examples: View Past Boxes in action with some of the Marketplace merchants participating in our public beta: Bath Bevy, Standard Dispatch, and Shaker & Spoon.

Keep in mind, however, that this feature does not allow visitors to purchase a past box through your listing. However, featuring past boxes is an excellent way to persuade visitors to subscribe for your upcoming box – and if they’re completely in love with a previous month’s box, you can always sell overstock on your storefront as well.

How Do I Set It Up?

Here’s a brief overview. For more details on setting up the Past Boxes feature on your listing, check out our help doc.

You’ll find this feature in the Listing section of your seller Dashboard. After you’ve clicked on Listing, you’ll want to select the rightmost tab on the top nav menu, labeled Past Boxes.

Upload images of every box you’d like to feature – you can highlight up to 3. We recommend showcasing the 3 most recent boxes in your subscription. After that, write a headline and brief (1 sentence) description for each image. And that’s basically it!

Like any change to your Marketplace listing, you’ll need to submit the update for approval. This may take 2-4 days.

What Will Potential Subscribers See?

The Past Boxes feature is located on the same navigational menu subscribers are used to, directly under your featured image slideshow. All they need to do is click “Past Boxes” and they will be redirected to the featured boxes further down the page.

You can find Past Boxes right under your Reviews panel on the left. While initially, this may sound a bit far down, it’s actually the most advantageous place to show previous boxes.

Why? Because reviews provide social proof, they are one of the strongest modes of marketing out there – and that goes for less-than-stellar reviews as well as amazing ones. Showcasing past boxes after a Marketplace visitor has read your reviews allows them to see subscribers’ genuine experiences… then see those experiences. You’re effectively doubling down on the persuasiveness of reviewers.


Check out our help doc to get started!

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