Cratejoy Apps & Integrations to Streamline Your Subscription Business

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So you’ve got a great idea and you’re on the road to launch. Or maybe you have launched, but you’re thinking about how to scale. Whatever phase your business is in, Cratejoy offers a slew of integrations for the ambitious subscription box entrepreneur.

We’ve put together a roundup here for your reference as you grow. Check it out below!

Apps to Integrate with Cratejoy


This integration allows you to add new subscribers to your Mailchimp email list. With Mailchimp and Cratejoy, you can automate email drip campaigns to onboard leads and market to current subscribers. See how to set up Mailchimp here.

Pirate Ship

Our partnership with Pirate Ship helps you get the lowest shipping rates with USPS, at no cost to you.


This ecommerce shipping software will help you sync and organize Cratejoy packages for shipment, regardless of your preferred shipping carrier. Learn how to install ShipStation in our FAQ.


If you’re interested in using Shippo or EasyPost for shipping, or TradeGecko for inventory management, you can integrate your fulfillment and inventory procedures with Cratejoy easily.


This app allows you to incorporate one-time sale products into your Cratejoy storefront. If you’d like to sell overstock of past boxes as separate purchases, for example, the Add-Ons app will help you do that. See the FAQ here.

Referral Program

Interested in launching a referral program for customers? Cratejoy’s app will help you do that for the price of $99/month. Check out the differences between an affiliate program and referral program, then the Referral Program FAQ.


This integration with CartHook will help you recover customers’ abandoned carts, netting you more sales and lower churn rates. See how to install CartHook here.


With Picreel’s set of cancellation and exit-intent popups and other tools, you can boost your conversion rate by 25%! See how to set up a cancellation popup and exit popup in our help docs.


SumoMe specializes in popups to build your email signup list. Check out how to collect email addresses with our app here.


Our app for Localize helps you to translate your Cratejoy storefront into other languages. Expand your reach and see how to translate your checkout page here.

Advanced Rebilling

Cratejoy offers this advanced rebilling app to help you set up alternative renewal plans for subscriptions, everything from weekly to bimonthly, quarterly, or ad hoc cycles. Read more about advanced rebilling plans in our help doc.

Final Thoughts

With Cratejoy’s app integrations, you can customize your subscribe flow, renewals, marketing strategies, fulfillment/shipping processes, and more. Moreover, our support team is here to help you implement any of these apps and help your ecommerce business grow.

Let us know if you have questions in the comments, or shoot us a help request here!

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