Subscription Box Shipping & Billing: A Free eBook

Above all else, the #1 question subscribers ask is Where’s my box? Not coincidentally, the main reason those subscribers churn is due to waiting too long for their box. (This is especially true for first boxes.)

So what’s the solution?

Understanding your shipping schedule inside and out. You can’t communicate clearly with customers about it if you’re not sure how shipping works!

We’ve put together a comprehensive ebook to explain the different models of subscription box fulfillment and billing, just for Cratejoy merchants. Whether you’re considering ongoing fulfillment (when you ship boxes on a rolling basis) or standard bulk fulfillment (shipping once a month), this guide breaks down the dates you’ll need to keep in mind and offers sample calendars to visualize your schedule.

Tell me more: Download our free Subscription Box Shipping & Renewal Billing Guide

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