Unicorn Dream Box Unboxed

Welcome to the latest installment of Cratejoy’s new merchant success series, “Unboxed”! Each month, we’ll learn tips, tricks, and subscription box secrets from Cratejoy’s top merchants.

Today we talk with Tatiana of Unicorn Dream Box! (Find them on Facebook, PinterestInstagram and YouTube!)

Tell us a bit about Unicorn Dream Box. What inspired you to create this subscription box?

Think of everything unicorn and then think of opening a treasure chest. That’s basically our box.

I have been a unicorn fan since I was a little girl! Everything started with a sticker machine (those that you put 25 cents in), which became the ultimate lottery for holographic unicorn stickers! Now you can spot them online for way more than they used to be, and they’re vintage!

But there was just one problem: back in the ’90s, we didn’t have a lot of unicorn products, so I kind of kept my obsession locked in my sticker book.

Fast forward 20 years, and all kinds of unicorn merchandise started to appear and my love for them came back faster than the speed of light.

My idea for this box was for the unicorn fan who’s receiving it, to have the most joyful moment ever while opening their Unicorn Dream Box and that could bring so much happiness and magic into their lives – not just on that day, but every single time they pick up an item from the box and remember the awesome moment that they had.

Why did you choose Cratejoy?

Cratejoy was referred to me by one of my best friends, who’s a subscription addict and thought it would be so cool if I had a box featuring the things that I love. Perhaps UNICORNS!

This awesome marketplace has really easy tools that you can use! From just using as a marketplace to building a website in less time than you’d ever imagine!

How did you acquire your first 25 subscribers?

Our first 25 subscribers came around Christmastime with the help of a few promotions that we did here on Cratejoy and on our social platforms, in which we were giving a promo code to our new subscribers. 

Take Action: Intrigued by the idea of offering promotional coupons? Check out our full guide on how to make the most of a sale, then our help doc on setting up a coupon for your marketplace listing.

How does social media help you to connect with your existing customers and acquire new ones?

I’m extremely creative so I love to post videos and pictures that are related to what’s going on in our company at the moment!

Your followers, which are your customers and potential customers, can feel how much you are connected to your brand, and therefore they will feel connected as well.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? 

The main thing I wish I knew was how to knit the boxes faster. I used to do one by one until the day I hired someone to help me and I saw how it gets done by a pro! They gather a few at a time and that’s how it gets done now. So much easier!

Take Action: For Tatiana, it was more convenient and efficient to outsource her box fulfillment process. But what’s best for your business? Read Cratejoy’s pros and cons on outsourcing fulfillment.

What mistake(s) do you wish you could have avoided along the way?

I’m always trying to get everything done by myself because I truly enjoy every single step of the process. So I guess my main mistake was not hiring people to help me with things that I was good but not great at, or not good at all!

Anything else you’d like to share about your success story?

A tip for anyone who’s starting their subscription box: Find something that you’re truly passionate about, look for your “why” and trust your instincts.

I see a lot of people with amazing ideas that get held back by their fear. Don’t ever be afraid of making mistakes, because we do need to make them in order to grow. And that’s how your business evolves. When you decide to live and breathe your business, that’s when you will succeed.

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