Your Business + Cratejoy’s Inventory Management = Growth

Managing your inventory helps you save time and money while strategically growing your business. Here are the key ways our most successful sellers are putting it to work for them!

Managing growth

Cratejoy’s Inventory Management tool lets you control your growth by limiting the amount of new subscribers you take on each month. This lets you order ahead of time, set your available new inventory for sale for each subscription product, and let the sales happen without having to worry about tracking sales in a spreadsheet or manually counting new sales each month!

Better control of inventory

Actively tracking and managing inventory is essential in a subscription business. Cratejoy’s tool allows you to forecast new sales ahead of time, order your products against that forecast, then accurately set and sell available inventory at the product level.

For sellers with multiple products, being able to sell out at the product level, instead of store level, helps you avoid being sold out of popular products while not being able to sell other products.

Fine-tuning growth

With Cratejoy’s inventory tool, you know exactly how many products you have left for new subscribers at any given point during your batch.

Knowing what you have helps you decide how best to market your products and what channels to lean into. If you have excess inventory with a few days before the end of your batch, increase your marketing spend. If you’ve sold out of most of your available inventory a few days into your batch, reduce your marketing spend or order more ASAP to fulfill demand.

Inventory insights for Cratejoy’s merchandising team

Cratejoy is always striving to help you grow your business. That’s why our merchandising team has started using your available inventory to identify how to pull your box into the best promotions, bulk-ordering opportunities, and affiliate & PR opportunities that will best help your business. If you do not use this tool, you are likely to miss out on these opportunities.

It won’t be long before you’re able to accurately predict how many new subscribers you’ll get per month. Using all the information you’ve learned with Cratejoy’s Inventory Management tool means that you’ll avoid selling out or sitting on slow-moving merchandise. 

As you grow sustainably by tracking your inventory, you’ll be able to target your marketing efforts to achieve: 

The growth you want at the pace you set for your business.

We’re excited to see where inventory management takes your business! Get started here.

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