Subscription Box Marketing Guide

Marketing goes well beyond what you would learn from watching a few episodes of Mad Men.

Marketing and market research are crucial aspects of your subscription box that will help you grow, manage your brand, engage with your customers, bring in revenue, and control your product’s price. Ultimately, all of this will determine your box’s success.

What’s Inside:

An in-depth guide to successfully marketing your subscription business.

STP strategy

  • Segmenting: How to break down your potential market
  • Targeting: Choosing your target market segment
  • Positioning: Decide how you want your product to be viewed by your customer

The Four Ps of Marketing

  • Product: Importance of designing your product to reflect your positioning strategy
  • Price: Picking a price that does more than cover costs
  • Promotion: Advertising, branding, and choosing language based on positioning strategy
  • Place: Choosing your channels to maximize exposure to your potential audience

Understanding Consumers & Competition

Pre-Launch & SWOT Analysis

Learn more: Take a look at Cratejoy’s Box Pricing Guide and our Startup Costs Calculator to estimate your marketing budget.

After reading this piece you will know how to:

  • Identify your target market
  • Research your customers
  • Make a positioning statement
  • Price your box
  • Choose promotion channels

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