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Northampton, GB
Hello there! Hope you and yours are well. Many thanks for stopping by. I am Ndah Mbawa, wife, mum of 3 and founder of A Gran Smile. A Gran Smile is a superbly curated subscription box🎁 for that special senior citizen in your life. A thoughtful way to show with everyday stuff that you care😍 and have them in your thoughts🤔. Some of them, you probably haven’t seen as much as you or they would have liked in these past Covid-stricken months. Despair ye not, A Gran Smile😊 comes to the rescue.
Being a motherless girl-child from a very young age and now a mum myself, I often wondered what my mum would have been had she lived to attain a fine old age with us. For this reason, I have always been drawn to the older generation; their wisdom, experience and their ability to find pleasure in the simple things of life. This insight I experienced when I worked as a care assistant many years ago. This experience has never left me. Even to this day, we do our utmost to support the elderly as a family. Before COVID hit, we used to take our girls to care homes to read to the residents.
So you will see, A Gran Smile was borne out of real care and affection for the older generation and the need to find simple but meaningful ways to make them feel loved.
A Gran Smile, from $19.00
A Gran Smile

A box filled with carefully curated items which serve to foster greater connections and deepen relationships with the special seniors in your life. Its the perfect gift for that loved grandma or grandpa or the ones who fulfil that role in yours or your children's lives. You know their love is one of a kind. There's absolutely no shame in grabbing one for yourself though😘...these boxes🎁 are that good. Boxes come brimming with 6-9 fantastic items which are perfect for older adults e.g. everyday useful things, activities, self-care, beauty & snacks. Please let us know at checkout if there are any dietary requirements we need to be mindful of. Have been wondering what to get your mum, aunt, friend or another special senior for mother's day or their birthday? Well, look no further, A Gran Smile will come to the rescue with one-off purchase or a subscription options available, our boxes make the ideal gift for our older loved ones. Does your special senior live in a nursing home, residential home or in assisted living? A Gran Smile is a fabulous way to ease the dis-ease you feel at not being able to be there for them as much as you'd like. Our boxes are not just a meaningful and continuous way to start and keep conversations going, but also a sure-fire way to keep your gran smiling whilst giving them something to look forward to each month. Customisations such as personalised messages, printed photo souvenirs are also available - simply let us know at checkout! We are a family/woman owned business and we do our utmost to include products from other small businesses in our boxes. A Gran Smile; a perfect and regular way to show care to your grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, older parents, and friends.

From £19.00/mo.