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Vacaville, CA
We are a family-owned business and because of that, we know that our plants represent us. We are dedicated to ensuring that every plant from our nursery is of the highest possible quality. All plants are individually inspected and cleaned before going into the shipping boxes. We refuse to send out an air plant if it is anything less than perfect.
We have had nothing but good feedback about our products and want to keep it that way. So if you have ANY questions or concerns with your order, we will personally ensure that it is taken care of in a timely manner. We stand by our quality and we are here to make sure you are happy. Feel free to drop us an email at any time and for any reason.
Air Plants Monthly, from $19.99
Air Plants Monthly

Every month you or a recipient will receive fresh, handpicked air plants that are of moderate size and ready to create pups for you! The plants included will differ each month, but will include a variety of: clumps, blooming plants, single larger plants, and mother plants with pups. The plants in each box will have tags with the scientific and common names of the plants so you can look up more information online about any plant that tickles your fancy. A beautiful care card is included in each shipment so if you want to give a few of your plants away, this is a great card to give to a new air plant lover. Every few months we throw in free accessories as well! Why choose air plants? 1) NO SOIL! These are mess free plants and are great for younger kids because you don't have to worry about them spilling a pot with dirt. These are also great plants for older people who still want to decorate with living plants but may have unsteady hands. Air plants can be dropped on the ground and be just fine. 2) Decorate with them anywhere! Since these are not soil bound, you can hang these from string or wire, you can set them on a bookshelf, or you can place them on a wall mount. 3) EASY CARE! Simply wet your air plants weekly by soaking it in water or thoroughly spritzing it with water. Keep them in an area with bright, indirect light and you will be good to go!

From $19.99/mo.