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Big Sky, MT
Look a little closer, look a little longer and you may find yourself in a world of whimsical delight! Perhaps there is a tree branching overhead or a tiny frog secretly jumping through the painting, you never know what you'll find when you give yourself the time to stare at Tilly's artwork!
Her paintings have a wonderful way of revealing new hidden details and conceptual insights every time you take a look, you have to have an eye for figuring it all out! Yet, simplicity seems to magically be at the heart of even the most intricate designs and perhaps you notice the consistent thread of lighthearted joy that seems to flow from one piece to the next?
Her work guides us to wander inside of ourselves, inspiring the stories of our own imagination to come to life! "It's all about having a wild and childlike carefree love for life!” says Tilly, "living life to the fullest & noticing every moment is sacred.” Indeed her work challenges us to think past our borders and interpret from a soulful place of contemplation.
With mixtures of many genres such as Psychedelic and Illustrative, she unites unique visuals that differentiates her work in the Visionary Fine Art scene. Tilly mentions, "I like to wander freely as I create and approach the easel with the intention to learn and try something new.” Somehow each unique piece ties back into the rest and the flow of vibrant energy gains momentum in the hearts of all who come in contact with her work!