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Wesley Chapel, USA
Southern Seed Exchange began as a small, herbal medicine seed shop many moons ago. While we've grown past those early medicinal roots to now include all types of seeds, we are at heart still that medicinal shop. In that time, we have learned how much people want to know and learn about medicinal herbs. The pandemic only reaffirmed that in our eyes. People want to take their own health in their hands and we have always tried to help grow their knowledge. That journey has led to the inception of Apothecary Monthly, our educational herbal medicine box. This box has been a labor of love and has been carefully and lovingly created to help teach y'all how to actually use and apply these wonderful gifts provided by Mother Nature.
Apothecary Monthly, from $32.95
Apothecary Monthly

Designed for the aspiring herbalist, Apothecary Monthly is designed to help teach you how to go from growing your seeds and plants to actually having the knowledge to be able to extract and use their amazing medicinal properties. Each beautifully packaged box will have a monthly theme based on a medicinal herb and will include seeds, a grow kit, information to help you learn more about the medicinal properties of the herb, and everything needed to make the herbal remedies. With a focused approach, the monthly study box will truly teach you the nuances of each herb so that you can maximize the benefits of these wonderful plants provided to us by Mother Nature.

From $32.95/mo.