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Los Angeles, CA
Enjoy authentic Asian Snacks directly from Asia. We combine Handmade Asian snacks with popular store snacks. Experience our snacks as if you are walking in an Asian street market. We offer a box that will help you experience ASIAN Treats like never before.
ASIAN Snack BOX, from $28.33

A box filled with 20 ASIAN snacks will arrive at your door step. We choose only the most delicious snacks made in Japan, Korea, China and Thailand. We have our taste tasters choose them. These snacks can only be found in Asia and we guarantee it. All of our snacks are authentic. Every month is a brand new surprise! If you would like a certain snack again then LET US KNOW! We want you to be happy every month when our snack arrives. Fast Shipping! Delivery takes approximately 5 Days or less ( Bear in mind the box travels many countries and seas to arrive at your doorstep )

From $28.33/mo.

Birthday Party Asian Snack Box, from $49.99
Birthday Party Asian Snack Box

This special Birthday Box will come with a combination of 20 Asian Snacks and Balloons to celebrate on your special day. You will receive Asian Snacks, Birthday letters, a Unicorn, and a Crown balloon.

From $49.99/mo.