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AusBox Subscriptions

Richmond, AU
AusBox was born out of a love for nature and our planet, and a desire to empower women and small business.
But why do I do this? Remember when COVID hit, and everyone declared that our lives and the way we do things was gone for good- from now on we were going to smile at our neighbours, shop local, shop home-made and ONLY Australian made? That we were going to be so much more appreciative of our lives, our abundance of domestic resources and native treasures? Well, I didn't see that happen- not as much as I'd have liked anyway (in some ways I feel it made society more selfish).. Plus there are so many family run small businesses that have been tremendously affected and are completely relying on online sales. So all I want to do is deliver to you like-minded people a monthly gift that promotes Australian made, small business products that feel good and taste good, but don't hurt this beautiful land we're lucky enough to live on.
AusBox, from $55.00

AusBox is the new perfect way to treat yourself, while supporting small Australian businesses AND kicking off your journey into a more sustainable way of life. You don't need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle overnight to make a difference, or deny yourself guilty pleasures! AusBox is all about caring for you, and the environment. Each month your AusBox will include 5-6 products from a range of small Aussie businesses. You'll also receive a 'Dear Diary' card detailing what goodies you've received, who made them, how to use them, and where to get more if you want them. Each box includes items covering these four categories listed below. Home & Giftware Bits and pieces to spruce up your home environment. Examples in previous boxes: feminine candles, personalised make up bags, lavender filled heat packs, delicates laundry bag, engraved wooden chopping/serving board, compact makeup mirror Beauty & Wellness All about YOU, self care and feeling good. A particularly relevant section during lockdown! Examples in previous boxes: body scrubs, shower steamers, natural toothpaste, facial toner, under eye serum, clay face masks, stud earrings Food & Drink We taste the range here, from yummy & naughty to healthy & nutritious. Examples in previous boxes: protein ball mixes, energy squares, cake in a mug, handmade marshmallows, locally made granola Sustainable Living While many of our products in other categories are made with environmental friendliness in mind, these products are the ones that are going to help you make small steps of sustainability. Examples in previous boxes: bamboo hairbrush, soap berries, beeswax wraps, natural deodorant, re-usable produce bags, shampoo & conditioner bars No cancellation fees. Boxes shipped at the END of the month.

From $55.00/mo.