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Melrose, USA
Start your day in the most awesome way imaginable! Awesome Breakfast Box delivers to your door everything you need for a fun, healthy, and stimulating breakfast for the whole family!
Awesome Monthly Breakfast Box, from $45.00
Awesome Monthly Breakfast Box

Monthly breakfast box filled with awesomeness. Pancake mix, syrup, activities, games, fake mustaches, coffee, silly straws, and so much more fun! A different theme each month - pancakes, eggs, no-cook, muffins, and more! Crank each morning up to 11 with our flippin’ awesome pancake box. We’ve got tons of fun and delicious ingredients. Just add milk and eggs, tell terrible jokes and have a blast cooking breakfast together! Get started with the Pancake Box: Pancake mix, maple syrup, one-pot ground coffee, coffee bar, activity book, a brain teaser, a deck of playing cards, and more!

From $45.00/mo.