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You’re dreaming of all the joy that comes with your new baby, but you’re wondering what to expect at each step. The Baby Discovery Box takes those worries away. Every month you’ll get a set of cards that are your guide to this stage of your baby’s development. The cards are researched and written by a mom who has been through what you’re going through. They tell you what to expect, what to look for, what to encourage, and what NOT to worry about! You’ll have peace of mind that you know how to help your baby along their developmental journey.
Each stage is also accompanied by toys and activities that support baby’s development at that stage. Textures and shapes to stimulate brain development. Toys of different constructions and arrangements to encourage discovery and spatial development. Toys for dexterity and manipulation according to what baby’s brain and muscles are able to do at their age. You won’t need to stand in the toy aisle and wonder, "Should I get that? Is my baby missing an important skill?” because if your baby needs it, it will come to you when baby’s ready!
Each month’s box comes with a book that you can read to your baby over and over again. Reading to your child promotes speech and vocabulary development as well as laying the groundwork for literacy. While we do recommend you visit a library frequently and read as often as able to your baby, these books, with flaps, touch sections, and lots of interaction, will help you l
Baby Discovery Box, from $55.00
Baby Discovery Box

Designed for baby's first year of development. Everything you need to give your baby the best start.

From $55.00/mo.