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Leander, USA
The Bantu Belle brand embodies a modern African look with sleek clean lines, colors, and patterns. Our creative philosophy is to take inspiration from African art, patterns, and culture to create modern and functional fashion products. We combine southern and northern influences to create multi-purpose, timeless pieces adorned with pops of color, geometric and floral patterns. Our products are meant for a Bantu Belle ─ she is self-aware, confident, and graceful. While she likes an elegant chic style, she is not afraid to include whimsical prints to accentuate her beauty and personality.
A Scarf for a Season, from $37.50
A Scarf for a Season

A quintessential accessory for the quintessential lady! Each season comes with a promise of a renewal, each with its own fragrance and poise. So, does your style. We design and create vibrant afro-centric patterned and colored scarves to accentuate your outfit. Each for a season in mind.

From $37.50/qtr.