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Stoke-on-Trent, GB
Join us as we travel through the world of speciality coffee.
We are sent coffee from around the world that has been roasted in the UK. We taste, review and select the best 2 for your BATCH box.
You will receive 2 x 200g bags of speciality coffee in each box changing every week. Compare naturals to washed coffees or Africans to South Americans.
Biweekly Speciality coffee subscription, from $20.63
Biweekly Speciality coffee subscription

Stop drinking bad coffee! We curate the best Coffee the UK and Ireland have to offer with our team of coffee professionals who have worked around the globe in the industry. We receive coffee from all over the UK and Ireland to taste, review and rate, we then select the two most interesting and delicious to send to you in a pair of 200g bags. We believe that trying two coffees at once is very important to develop your taste in coffee and enable you to distinguish between flavours, this is how professionals do it on the coffee cupping table so why can't you? The coffee that we will send to you is dispatched every other Wednesday. Firstly, we want to keep the coffee as fresh as possible and having one day set aside per two weeks enables us to deliver you the best coffee, it also gives us a little more time to sample other coffee ready for your next box. We also believe that coffee is a ritual and part of peoples routines, which is why we work on a weekly schedule rather than monthly. We want you to get your coffee right before the weekend. We offer various subscription packages, you can opt for delivery every two or four weeks and purchase 6 or 12 boxes. Great as a gift for birthdays, weddings or Christmas or perfect for those who don't have the time to research new roasters in the UK and Ireland.

From £20.63/box