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White City, KS
I've been in business since 2005 & I provide quality merchandise for my fellow pagans & also non-pagans. I've authored two books on Wicca as well as writing monthly articles for a pagan magazine. I offer subscription boxes to fit almost any budget to help those who wish to learn about Wicca, who enjoy crystals, herbs, etc a way to get quality products delivered directly to their door each month. Most of the items included in my boxes I make myself- excluding crystals & herbs of course. I make sure to listen to my customers as much as I can & I also accept special orders.
I pride myself on being here for my customers as much as I can be so that their needs are met.
Monthly Crystal Packages- 5 Sizes!, from $9.17
Monthly Crystal Packages- 5 Sizes!

Let’s get your crystal collection growing with these wonderful monthly packages! I am offering a wonderful assortment of Monthly Crystal subscription packages sure to delight anyone who loves crystals- whether for their beauty, for their energy, to use in their daily lives or whatever reason you enjoy collecting crystals! I’ve created five wonderful tiers for you to choose from including one tier especially for your child(ren) so they can learn the beauty of crystals & stones from around the world. The higher tier you sign up for the more goodies you’ll receive each month along with a detailed description sheet so you can learn about each crystal you’re receiving! You may choose the tier you’d like plus the subscription length of 4, 8 or 12 months. Check the tiers below to see the terrific deals I've got available to help you keep your love for crystals satiated! Be sure to check out what you’ll save on your first month’s package when you subscribe. All prices include shipping in the continental US. I’m open to shipping overseas but I’ll need to have a weight on the package first before I can provide a shipping cost. This’ll also make a terrific gift for someone special in your life! Just think of the smile on their faces when they receive a monthly package filled with beautiful crystals! The types of crystals will be raw, tumbled, occasionally even shaped crystals & the occasional cluster. You’ll always get great quality for your money because I treat my subscribers & clients as I would want to be treated myself. When you begin your subscription or a one month box, you have two options for payment- either make the first payment that same day or put a 20% down payment on your order for the first box. I do this because around mid-month I begin to make the items for the boxes & this way I know exactly how much to make without anyone failing to make their payment. Each price listed includes shipping in the continental US. Starter Package: 1 crystal monthly along with information on that crystal Crystal Apprentice: 3 crystals monthly along with information sheet Crystal-Lover Package: 4 crystals monthly along with info on them + a 10ml essential oil blend Crystals R My Life Pack: 6 crystals monthly along with info on them- + a 10ml essential oil blend & a mystery item included monthly(always something great though) Kids Pack-1 Crystal with Easy to understand Information & addressed to your child’s name so they feel special for having something in the mail just for them! The monthly packages will go out around the 15-20th of the month & each subscription comes with tracking numbers on every order as well as 10% off any of my other items for sale when you recommend someone to my business & they also take advantage of the great deals I have available! **I ship out promptly but I'm not responsible for delivery delays.

From $9.17/mo.

Apothecary Monthly Package, from $38.33
Apothecary Monthly Package

Monthly Herb Package Do you love working with herbs? Do you find yourself wanting to learn more about herbs and how they can be used in everyday magick as well as mundane uses? Are you wanting to create your own oils, salves, teas and other wonderful items with herbs? I have the perfect monthly package for you! Each month you can receive my Bit O"Magick Apothecary Package which includes: Eight 1/4 oz herb pouches 1 pack of herb seeds with growing instructions One 2oz herbal spray bottle One 1 oz herbal salve Information sheet detailing what each herb can do magickally & also for home care purposes. Subscription lengths are 3, 6 or 12 months & you'll be paying monthly on them & you'll receive all of these wonderful items each month delivered to your home for only $ 45! If you were to pay for your entire subscription length at once, you'd receive a 10% discount on your full subscription price! Packages go out around mid-month each month. *** All information provided with each box is not meant to replace professional medical advice. Always ask your dr before taking any herbs or giving any herbs to your family/friends. Research every herb you plan on using to be sure it doesn't interfere with any health concerns, current medications including over-the-counter & herbal supplements. ** I ship out in a timely fashion but occasionally the postal service will be slower than normal and I have no control over that part once it leaves my hands. Refunds are not given for late arrivals.

From $38.33/mo.