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San Francisco, CA
Nudge is a responsible self-care brand that aspires to help busy people adopt better habits with sustainable products.
Nudge Oral Care Package, from $27.00
Nudge Oral Care Package

nudge™ is an eco-conscious brand whose main goal is to help busy people adopt and maintain better habits by offering sustainable and essential products through a subscription-based model. nudge™ currently sends customers an oral care package every two months that features: - two sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes - a roll of vegan floss with a reusable glass container - concentrated mouthwash - 100% natural toothpaste - A branded travel pouch. nudge™ wanted to offer an easy way to get healthy, eco-friendly dental products without consumers having to waste time wading through a sea of products at the store.

From $27.00/mo.