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Box of Shadows

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Atlanta, GA
Welcome to Box of Shadows, a spiritually eclectic subscription box inspired by the Universe & earth's natural rhythms! Our goal is to help modern witches, spiritual explorers, and advanced practitioners enhance their practice. Are you ready for a convenient, community-centered way to bring craft provisions right to your doorstep? Join the Circle!
The Initiate, from $21.24
The Initiate

Tailored to new Seekers, this offering features essential supplies, altar decor, and basic rituals. Contents and supplies are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice that fits a beginner witch's path.

From $21.24/mo.

The Priestess, from $29.74
The Priestess

Inspired by those seekers who have a grasp of the basics but wish to continue spiritual exploration. Our Priestess offering encourages a constant pursuit of knowledge and understanding while providing the necessary tools to explore each theme.

From $29.74/mo.

The Supreme, from $38.24
The Supreme

Conjured for the seasoned, the Supreme subscription guides Seekers through the Wheel of the Year; turning knowledge into practice. Themes of this subscription offering are curated to follow Sabbats, Esbats, astrological occurrences, festivals, and other celebrations.

From $38.24/mo.