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Queen & Baby Box is support for breastfeeding moms because breastfeeding is hard.
I started Queen & Baby after having my first baby in 2017, and feeling like I didn't have enough information or the community to help me reach my breastfeeding goals. I hope that receiving a Queen & Baby Box helps other moms feel less alone and supported in her decision to breastfeed, especially when the world makes it hard to do.
Here's to you, Mama!! And, here's to all the partners, mothers, aunties, and friends who care. We need you in our corner!
Queen & Baby Box Collection, from $87.50
Queen & Baby Box Collection

Box 1: Queen & Baby Starter Kit This kit contains some of the most popular products that help new moms at the very beginning of their breastfeeding journey. This starter kit makes an excellent baby shower gift. -Reusable Milk Storage Bags -Queen & Baby Water Bottle -Pump Cleaning Wipes -Pumping Bra -Bra Pads -15-minute consultation call -Queen & Baby New Mommy Guide (download) Box #2: Back to Work Kit Get all the must-have essentials a new mom needs to easily transition back to work after having a baby. Reduce anxiety and help her feel prepared and calm as she steps back into the workforce. -Photo Frame -Calm-A-Mama Focus Drops -Oat Mama Lactation Tea -Affirmation Cards -To Do Paper & Rose Gold Diamond Pen -Hand Mirror Box #3: Starting Solids Going from milk to complementary foods can be confusing. With Queen & Baby's Starting Solids kit, mom and baby will receive all the goodies needed to get started chomping with those cute little front teeth! -Little Coco Bean Co. Food Jars -Silicone bib -Silicone bowl -Baby utensils (spoon and fork) -Sippy Cup -Queen & Baby Guide to Starting Solids (download) Box #4: Self Care Kit Caring for a tiny human is a time-consuming but rewarding task. It is so easy for a mom to forget to exercise regular self-care. With Queen & Baby’s Self-Care box, mom can finally get pampered and feel more relaxed with the amazing products. This self-care box is sure to give the mom in your life a serious pick-me-up, and they will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness! -Body Butter -Shower Steamer -Calm Drops -Hair and Body Oil -Lip Balm -Link to 14-day trial to Expectful App (link will be provided)

From $87.50/qtr.