• Brainyverse Architecture Box

Brainyverse Architecture Box

Learn and build famous architecture sites from around the world from the Empire State building to the Taj Mahal! Each month you will receive a wooden build kit(not foam!), architecture workbook, site specific sticker sheet, interactive world map(with initial box) and supplemental books(with certain boxes, see subscription schedule).
Monthly Architecture Box, from $20.83
Monthly Architecture Box

Learn about and build amazing architecture from around the world with Brainy's Architecture Box! This monthly box combines STEM building and social studies as students build challenging wooden kits and learn about them. Boxes are recommended for ages 9-14. Younger students may need help from their parents. The boxes are designed to be challenging, so make sure you take your time, read the instructions and have fun! All boxes include: -A wooden build kit -A site specific workbook with a worksheet and activities -A site specific sticker sheet -First box includes an interactive world map with build specific sticker -Selected boxes also include supplemental books Initial box is shipped immediately after signing up. The initial box is our Holland Box. Here is our distribution schedule for your reference: January 2021 Burj Al Arab (architecture book included) February 2021 Big Ben March 2021 Eiffel Tower (Book included) April 2021 Mayan Pyramids May 2021 Great Wall of China (Book included) June 2021 Sydney Harbour Bridge July 2021 Empire State (Book included) August 2021 Notre Dame September 2021 Taj Mahal (Book included) October 2021 Burj Al Arab (Architecture Book included) November 2021 Big Ben December 2021 Eiffel Tower (Book included) January 2022 Mayan Pyramids February 2022 Great Wall of China (Book included) March 2022 Sydney Harbour Bridge April 2022 Empire State (Book included) May 2022 Notre Dame June 2022 Taj Mahal (Book included) July 2022 Burj Al Arab (Architecture Book included) August 2022 Big Ben

From $20.83/mo.