• Calming Scent-Sation

Calming Scent-Sation

Edgefield, SC
The Scent-Sation box contains: 1 high quality, hand poured candle, 2-3 different scented wax melt (5 cubes each), incense, scented cones, 1 scented sachet, and a mystery gift each month. Some months this box will come with bonus goodies...but you'll have to subscribe to find out what it is. Subscribe and let the calming scent-sation take you away!
Calming Scent-Sation Box, from $20.00
Calming Scent-Sation Box

Experience the Scent-Sation!! A Scent-sational box that will include a candle, wax melts, incenses, incense cones, a scented sachet, a mystery gift, and maybe some bonus goodies.

From $20.00/mo.