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Athens , GA
We are helping hundreds of makers share their light through candles and offer the opportunity for you to discover a woman artisan you never would have found otherwise. We're working behind the scenes with women (candle queens) from all over the country to prepare them to launch in this cdb "candle discovery box”.
Why? Our founder, Ianthe Mauro, Created luxury eco-candles since 2009. She felt there was something missing. She tried every aspect of making and selling, searching for the moment it would feel aligned with her purpose to share light. Objects with purpose had to be more than a candle brand. It took over a decade for this to come to light, that her purpose is to help other women candle makers share their light! It all started with the generous and incredibly gifted makers Ianthe had the honor of mentoring…
Camille Leonard
Seiji Yamaguchi
& Jen Luana
Seeing these dynamic, purposeful women launch their own candle brands was a thousand times more impactful to her heart and soul than selling her own.
A common theme that’s come up in conversations with these extraordinary makers is that candles have been the vehicle for calming the nervous system and managing stress. The women represented in the candle discovery box have all found comfort in creating candles for this purpose. Many of them launched their businesses during the pandemic. We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to share their stories.
Candle Discovery box, candles made by queens., from $49.00
Candle Discovery box, candles made by queens.

Candle queens are strong. Candle queens, are what we call the women who make artisan candles in small batches in the USA. This box isn't about choosing your favorite scent or size, it's about discovering a candle and the story of the woman who made it. ⁣ Discover their stories in every box. Every woman represented, every candle queen, in the CDB candle discovery box, will raise your standards just by lighting her candle and reading her story. This is more than a subscription box. ⁣ CDB is a movement to support women makers that have glorious candles, For you to enjoy or give. What do you have to look forward to each month? A lovingly hand crafted candle, at least 8oz. and a special surprise gift, hand chosen, by the maker of the month. Gifts may include an additional candle, artisan soaps, bath bomb, or self care product you will wonder how you ever lived without! We also include a "Meet The Maker" postcard with their personal story and photo so you truly feel connected to the woman that made your candle. SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE *you'll receive the boxes every month to your home or office. or GIVE them as gifts! Just enter the lucky recipients address and we'll make sure they know it's from you! Disrupt conventional manufacturing one candle queen at a time. If you need to pause or cancel anytime, we make it easy.

From $49.00/mo.