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Liberty Twp, OH
Step inside the Crone's Cottage. Have a seat.
Please don't mind the drying herbs, the tins of salves cooling and the oils warming on the fire.
Let us introduce ourselves:
This is Noodle - an old, scarred tomCat who was previously feral. I'm Tricia, the old Crone. Most would say I am still quite feral.
We are pleased you have ignored what the villagers say about us and have come for a visit. If you stay long enough, I'll help you use those drying herbs, teach you how to make those salves and what to do with those oils.
Are you interested?
The Crone tends to choose items designed to spark the imagination and delight the senses with scents, and textures, while The Cat often interjects earth and animal elements into the items and themes selected, keeping the focus on the wild and the untamed that is all around us.
Each box will contain 2 to 3 amber glass jars of herbs, one - half ounce amber bottle with dropper of anointing oil, always at least one beeswax candle, parchment pages detailing the month's focus/theme and pages detailing information for the herbs in the box. You'll also get incense - sometimes sticks, sometimes resin - sometimes both. There might be items to make a salve or potion bag. And there's always some special items just for you.
Join us as we walk enchanted paths.
Anything is possible . . . isn't it?
The Crone's Cottage, from $55.00
The Crone's Cottage

We pack this box with all the things you would naturally find in a crone's cottage of old: oils, incense, stones, talismans, spells, grimoire pages, candles, ritual and altar items, bottles of herbs and potions and more. We even include the cup of tea the crone would offer you. (minus the cup!) Every month brings new items chosen to help you explore and expand your witchly senses and delights.

From $55.00/mo.