• Spirit Sisters - Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Boxes by Katia Yoga

Spirit Sisters - Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Boxes by Katia Yoga

Hilo, HI
Each month will focus on a different chakra. These 32-page ebooks each give 30 daily suggestions for helping to align and restore your chakras along with journal pages to reflect on your experience. Meditations, affirmations, yoga poses, journal prompts, activities, essential oil suggestions, crystal suggestions, & much more for all 7 chakras!
Give the Gift of Wellness -- Start your Wellness Journey Today!, from $45.00
Give the Gift of Wellness -- Start your Wellness Journey Today!

Start your wellness journey today! This experience is packed with downloadable resources for body, mind, and spirit in your own online portal. It includes -100+ recipes and meal guide ebooks (vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore meal plans) -exercise guides in a variety of types of exercise (yoga, pilates, hiit, cardio) -meditations (30 day meditation challenge and more) -mindfulness guides (self-love, gratitude, etc.) -mindset talks (repair your relationship with yourself, money, and success) -self-love and self-worth talks -community of others on the same journey (included for life!) -weekly emails with recommended resources -plant-based protein shake powder for 60 shakes -chakra balancing -live webinars and a library of previous webinars (learn about sugars, fasting, gut health and more) This is a 16-week renewable membership valued over $1500. I will arrange your renewal date to reflect the 4-month subscription after you order. It makes a great gift for someone looking to begin or renew their healthy habits (gifts for yourself are great too!) I have a feeling you’re going to love it!!

From $45.00/mo.

Chakra Journal eBook Series-- Balancing the Rainbow Within, from $5.83
Chakra Journal eBook Series-- Balancing the Rainbow Within

A balanced root chakra is responsible for feelings of security, vitality, belonging, support, centeredness, balance, and stability.  This chakra helps with that feeling, “I am enough." This 32-page ebook gives 30 daily suggestions for helping to align and restore your root chakra along with journal pages to reflect on your experience. This is the first journal ebook in a 7-month/7-book series for the 7 chakras. Each month will have a new book that follows the chakras in turn from the root chakra to the crown chakra. It includes meditations, mantras, journal prompts, activities, and ideas for each chakra. Each of the chakras represents a vital aspect of our lives- like feeling grounded, creativity, courage, intuition, etc. Almost all of us have some healing to do in at least one of these areas, especially now when our lives have been turned upside down! This series gives daily do-able quick tips for balancing each chakra in turn in a way that's inspiring and uplifting. It's a beautiful, inexpensive gift to give yourself this little bit of daily healing and self-care. Next up: Sacral Chakra is responsible for creativity, sensuality, emotions, and sensuality The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for courage, willpower, abundance, power, growth, and wisdom The Heart Chakra is responsible for connection, devotion, warmth, sincerity, love, and harmony The Throat Chakra is responsible for communication, self-awareness, spiritual growth, self-expression and divine inspiration The Third Eye Chakra is responsible for intuition, vision, knowledge of being, holistic thought, inner truths, and higher knowledge The Crown Chakra is responsible for awareness, understanding, enlightenment, becoming your purest being, and oneness I wrote this collection of books myself based on my experiences and learning as a reiki master as well as a collection of books, articles, and other resources. You will receive your journal within 24 hours of subscribing. The subsequent books will be delivered every 30 days (because each book offers 30 daily tips). Your subscription will renew on the 28th of each month if you choose the month-to-month option. Alternatively, you can subscribe for 6 books at once and get the 7th one free. About the Author, Katia I'm a yogini and reiki master living in Hawaii and I love to help others on their healing journey through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, etc. I wanted to write my chakra ebook series to make learning about balancing the chakras easy and accessible. It includes meditations, journal prompts, photos from around the world, and lots of do-able tips and ideas. Before this, I taught ESL abroad and so most of the photos are from my personal journey. I always loved learning about different cultures and healing modalities and it's my dharma to share, teach, and others. I hope you'll join me! Please note these books are intended for personal use, not for resale. The books may not be redistributed without permission.

From $5.83/mo.

Yoga Outfits - Workout Clothes- New Premium Athleisurewear Every Month!, from $134.95
Yoga Outfits - Workout Clothes- New Premium Athleisurewear Every Month!

Do you get a little spring in your step when you put on a new outfit? Then this could be the perfect box for you or the yogini or fitness fanatic in your life! Get ready to hit the studio or gym in style with pretty colors and gorgeous, soft fabrics! This subscription box will include 2 new pieces each month, like leggings and a sports bra, shorts and a tank, or joggers and a crop top. Colors vary. Your first box will ship within 3 days of your order. Subsequent boxes will be shipped during the last weekend of each month to arrive at the beginning of each new month. At this time, this box ships in the US only (Canada and Mexico coming SOON!). Choose your sizes below and get ready for your first new outfit to come THIS WEEK!

From $134.95/mo.