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Lowestoft, GB
We all love and adore our pets and they are a very important part of our family, so imagine my difficulties when I found myself (after a hysterectomy) suddenly becoming allergic to our pet of seven years, Charlie, due to high levels of petrochemicals in the products we were using on Charlie.
Over the years Charlie and I have shared irreplaceable memories, with him sitting next to my laptop for hours on end whilst I worked or following me around the house. Other pet owners will know that we share a deep, emotional connection with our beloved pets so to find myself suddenly unable to touch Charlie without running for the shower, it was heartbreaking to know Charlie didn't understand why I had become so distant with him.
I knew there had to be a better way and more suitable, natural and clinically proven ingredients and products for pets that would aid their owners who are going through similar situations or owners who simply want the best for their pets.
With many years of skincare formulation experience, this was an exciting division for me to work on, one that has brought me an enormous joy to know that, not only am I looking after myself but I am caring for our Charlie in the best possible way and ensuring his little body will never be loaded with unwanted chemicals again.
Luxury & Natural Probiotic Dog Products, Treats & A Toy, from $27.00
Luxury & Natural Probiotic Dog Products, Treats & A Toy

Luxury Prebiotic Dog Conditioning Shampoo, A premium quality and PH balanced conditioning bathing shampoo for dog, especially formulated to deep clean, moisturise and nourish delicate, dry, flaky skin, whilst active natural ingredients soothe itchy and calm irritated pet, restores healthy coat and banish smelly pets. Direction: Rinse off your pet with warm water, apply a small amount to the coat and rub to create rich, smooth lather avoiding the eyes, rinse off and towel dry. Prebiotic Luxury Pet Rescue Balm can be applied for extra care and protection. Safety For external use only Avoid Contact With Eyes Not Suitable For Pets Under 6 Weeks Old Key Benefits Multifunctional Natural And Organic Ingredients Deep Conditioning Moisturises Dry, Flaky Skin Encourages Friendly Bacteria and Reduces Harmful Bacteria Prevents Wet Dog Smell Citrus Scent Restores Skin's Moisture Balance Prebiotic Pet Bacteria, Odour Control & Grooming Spray 250ml A unique product of odour, microorganisms control and grooming spray all in one to protect your pets, home and family from unwanted visitors, as well as groom and helping to moisturise and prevent dryness and provide protection for your pet. Direction: Apply onto your pet’s coat rub it in, brush coat for healthy, shiny and sweet smelling pet. Use after washes, between washes and it can be spray around room to neutralize wet dog smell. Safety For external use only Avoid Contact With Eyes Not Suitable For Pets Under 6 Weeks Old Product Benefits Freshens Up Pet Protects against bacteria and infections Moisturises Control Odour Skin Healing Properties The Kills Bacteria On Pet’s Bedding Helps Reduce Allergies Flights Fleas, Mites, Ticks And Bugs Encourages Healthy Shiny Coat Encourages Healthy Environment And A Beautiful Smelling Pet Luxury Prebiotic Dog Grooming Rescue Balm is a multifunctional healing balm to soothe damaged, dry, irritated skin, itchy, rashes, wounds, surgical scars, bites and flaky skin, will also softens dry, pressure calluses, sore paws and roughened skin area, can be used on skin folds, also helps protects against microorganisms, odour control and reduce allergies. Direction: Apply a small amount with a finger to the affected area and gently rub in, this can be applied upto 3 or 4 time a day for a quick results, can be applied as a styling aid, between washes. Please make sure the affected area is clean before applying the product. Safety For external use only Avoid Contact With Eyes Not Suitable For Pets Under 6 Weeks Old Products Benefits A Multifunctional Healing And Restorative Balm Wonderful For Dry, Damaged, Irritated And Itchy Skin Rashes, Bites And Flaky Skin Conditions, Softens And Restores Sore Paws And Pressure Calluses Prevents Splits To Dry Skin And Pads Protects Against Bacteria Prevents Bad Odour Apply To Coat After Wash For Shine And Protect Against Microorganisms Organic Dog Superfood Treats With Organic Hemp Oil Delicious artisan organic dog superfood treats, these healthy treats are packed natural and organic goodness, also rich omega 3, 6 & 9, essential fatty acids, full of vitamins A, D & E, organic hemp oil to add health enhancing benefits of Proven to help relieve dog anxiety, aggression & stress due to: Separation, travel, being home alone, thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming, vet visits & other causes of dog stress. Ingredients: Organic oat flour, Organic Rice flour, Organic Coconut flour, Organic chia seeds, Goji berry, Pumpkin seeds, Organic linseed, Organic peanut butter, Sweet Potatoes, Hemp oil. *100% organic & natural human grade ingredients *100% vegan and No Animal by-products *All our treats are Wheat, Grain, Gluten, Lactose free *GMO Free *No added Salt & Sugar, Artificial Colour or Chemicals

From £27.00/mo.