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Classy Artist Box is an art subscription box based out of West Bend, WI. Each month we send out art supplies and instructions to our students all over the USA. We also recently expanded our home website to ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. We have been in business since early 2019 also opened an in-person art studio called Classy Artist Box Studio.
In addition to the monthly supplies and lessons we also have art kits that we affectionally call "ProjPacks." All of our projects come with video lessons and tutorials that are accessible on the My Account page of our website.
You should receive your box in the first week or two of the upcoming month (within about 10 business days of the month after your order renews). After you order, please email me with 1) your order number, 2) the box you subscribed to, and 3) the name and email of the artist who will need access to our exclusive video lessons.
Happy Creating,
Homeschool Art Box - Art School Box, from $26.99
Homeschool Art Box - Art School Box

Monthly art curriculum and supplies sent to your door! Art teacher and owner, Kellie, is a former homeschooler who is passionate about creating art lessons for students in middle and high school that will help students develop their personal style, explore a wide variety of materials, and learn technical skills! Each box includes everything you need for middle or high school art class at home! Ages 12+

From $26.99/mo.

Preschool Artist Box, from $18.50
Preschool Artist Box

Monthly art subscription for preschool age kids (3+)! This box will contain very similar items or the same as the elementary artist box, but will have different steps to complete and a different expected outcome!

From $18.50/mo.

Adult Art Projects - Classic Artist Box, from $26.99
Adult Art Projects - Classic Artist Box

Monthly art subscription and art lesson box that will arrive at your door -- perfect for anyone ages 12+ who loves art!! Complete with a video lesson and written instructions to get you started creating each month! Each of our monthly boxes includes materials for 4 projects that compliment the lesson! Owned and operated by a working artist and licensed art teacher!

From $26.99/mo.

Kids Art Box - Elementary Artist Box for homeschool or art loving kids!, from $18.50
Kids Art Box - Elementary Artist Box for homeschool or art loving kids!

A monthly art subscription box for ages 6-11! We provide everything you need for your child to create 4 exciting projects each month! Explore new supplies and lesson each month! Includes "levels" for different age groups to help your child track their personal growth!

From $18.50/mo.