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Philadephia, PA
Each month we carefully cultivate our box around a different theme, topic or area of personal growth. We then choose products and design a plan for the month that will promote and challenge your growth in that area! Get ready to increase your happiness, peace, empowerment, and over all well-being and quality of life! Each CoachCrate contains:
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Products, tools, and support to help you live your most extraordinary life and be your best self! We plan a month of personal growth for you with online coaching with materials and a monthly plan along with 3-6 items for your relaxation, productivity, growth, and overall well-being! In each CoachCrate you will receive: *Monthly Coaching Breakdown: Your growth plan for the month! *Book with Reading Guide: Our reading guide provides tips, tricks, and suggestions while working through the book of the month. We also provide questions to expand and grow upon what you are reading! (It's like a book club in a guide!) *1 to 3 Exclusive Recorded Online Coaching Session(s): These recorded coaching session provide coaching and a platform to connect, ask questions, and push past your comfort zone. Since the sessions are pre-recorded you have the ability to watch and re-watch whenever your schedule allows it! *Additional Coaching Content: This could be in the form of a live group coaching call, worksheets and exercises, audio files, and more! * 3-6 Productivity, Relaxation, Growth, and Well-Being Items: Every month we choose products that help you relax, grow, organize, and do this whole "out of the comfort zone" thing a little bit easier in alignment with the topic or area of focus for that month. Quality is important to us. We do our best to fill your crate with products you will use and adore! We ship at the end of the month so that you get your crate in time to start right at the beginning of your subscription month. This means if you order a box in April the June box will arrive to you at the end of April before June begins!

From $42.75/mo.