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London, GB
Get this coconut oil moisturiser a perfect solution for dry and dull Skin.
Formulated to protect and preserve, it gives your Skin a youthful glow that defies ageing.
All Natural Coconut Oil Moisturiser for Body and Hair, from $11.55
All Natural Coconut Oil Moisturiser for Body and Hair

Boost your everyday skin care routine with this favourite Cold Press Coco Oil Moisturizer. Benefits: The All natural coconut oil formulated to a healthier Body skin that glows. Stress and fatigue can cause the skin to look dull and old This skin care product contains nourishing and moisturising ingredients to fight fatigued skin. This Coconut oil moisturiser is formulated with hydrating ingredients to bring immediate relief to dry cracked skin. Diminishing the appearance of dry skin by smoothing, firming and rejuvenating, This skin care formula targets and hydrates skin all over the body. 100% PURE Coconut Oil carefully and naturally refined. This an excellent cleansing agent that can help replace excess oil and dirt with healthier, more natural oils that rejuvenate your skin. Packed with antioxidants that allow a longer shelf life and fight free radicals. The all-natural coldpress coconut oil moisturiser drives away some of the critical factors that cause you to age and look older Enjoy the benefits of beautiful looking skin all over again. A combination of traditional medicine and modern biotechnology makes the Coldpresscoco Oil brand an excellent tool in the fight against the signs of ageing Minimise the appearance of an uneven skin tone with a regular and rigorous daily skincare routine that works to eliminate blemishes and dark spots

From £11.55/mo.