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Henderson , USA
Colie's Desserts was founded on the principal that everyone deserves dessert! Thats why we specialize in dairy-free cakes and cookies.
Currently, Colie's Desserts offers dessert catering and custom cakes to the Las Vegas area. As well as a macaron subscription service so our loyal customers can have dairy-free macs on tap, regardless of where you live!
But it didn't start this way...
In 2019 while I was working at a bakery, developing my skills, everything I ate made me sick! I was so jealous of all of the customers coming in, getting yummy desserts. I thought to myself "If only I could have ONE cookie!"
After countless crying episodes, I invented a chocolate chip cookie recipe that did NOT make me sick! I was over the moon! One dozen dairy-free cookies down (in one sitting) and I was feeling on top of the world!
Fast forward to the beginning of 2020. I am planning my dream wedding when suddenly, no bakeries would agree to make my wedding cake! The notorious Covid made its first debut. This gave me no other option but to bake my heart out and create my own!
Colie's catered its first wedding August 2020-mine! I fell in love.
Shortly after, in February 2021 we reached the public during our valentines day launch where we presented our first batch of macarons! Instantly a crowd favorite, macarons have been on the menu ever since!
Colie's goal is to help you celebrate the special moments in life, whether its your wedding day, your birthday or a Thursday, Colie's here!
Colie's Macaron Club, from $30.83
Colie's Macaron Club

Your club box includes delicious DAIRY FREE macarons, plus a few extra gifts to personalize your experience. Enjoy classic vanilla and rich chocolate macarons every month along with exclusive specialty flavors, just for you! Get your box delivered right to your door like clock-work with FREE SHIPPING! Macaron Flavors Include: -Classic Vanilla -Rich Chocolate -Flavor of the Month -Whack Mac (Exclusive flavors only for club members!)

From $30.83/mo.