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Dayton, TN
Admittedly we have trouble focusing because, like you, we have our families, friends, and business associates pulling at us constantly. Even when going camping with friends and family, we were still on our phones. One day one of our friends suffered severe health complications brought on by stress and workload. This was our wake-up call to change.
At first, we tried "motivational techniques” to relax our minds and become self-aware but eventually figured out we needed more structure, so we decided to identify options we knew would help us focus on being in the moment.
When we rediscovered reading for pleasure, coloring, and problem-solving, we found we were onto something and began scheduling time every day to do at least one. What we pick up each day depends on our mood, but we notice positive changes in our mental health and everyday lives before long. We became "better” and happier.
Coloring And Classics, from $15.00
Coloring And Classics

One adult coloring book, one adult activity book and one reading book from your chosen genre. If you purchase the coffee option, your box will include a 12 oz bag of hand roasted coffee.

From $15.00/mo.