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Spokane, USA
Hello! We are a mother-daughter, POC-owned business. This idea grew during the pandemic as a response to the anxiety, trauma, and depression in our world. I (Shannon) am a school teacher and I could see and feel the pain that my students were carrying inside. It was palpable. It sent me home puzzled and waking up many nights wondering how I could help alleviate some of the anxiety and pain in this world. One night, during my witching hour at 3 a.m. I awoke knowing exactly what I needed to do. I would help heal the world by creating a subscription box company to share crystals, air plants, and aromatherapy.
About 2 years prior, I'd gone through a divorce and had a strained relationship with my eldest daughter Sofia. In partnering together in this business, we have found healing, peace, and a deep connection in our relationship. Starting this crystal business has brought us together in a wonderful way. We've spent many hours talking, collaborating, and creating to make this dream come true! It's now a reality and my heart is full.
All our crystals are Reiki cleansed and charged by Sofia. She was Reiki certified last fall. What is Reiki, you ask? Click on "What is Reiki?" link on the main page to learn about this ancient energy healing practice. We purchase and offer high quality, ethically sourced crystals. What does ethically sourced mean for the crystal industry? For more information, click on "Ethically Sourced Crystals" on our main page Menu section. Our business s
Transcends Monthly Crystal Box, from $32.99
Transcends Monthly Crystal Box

Look forward to receiving boxes filled with 7-9 crystals that are designed for the health and wellness of that month! All our crystals are ethically sourced and Reiki cleansed and charged. Each box will have a rose and lavender tea light (lead free wick) with quartz chips, an aromatherapy essential oil (Invigorate, Aura Energy Cleansing, Happy Hour or Sleepy Time) spray, an air plant and a lavender & eucalyptus shower melt. Free shipping in the U.S.

From $32.99/mo.