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Bufotd, USA
Gold'n'Silk is hoping to help you take a break and get excited about something every month. A box that will help you get you inspired, perhaps plan an exciting outing, trip, adventure. Something that pushes you to learn that foreign language, attend that cultural event, enroll in that salsa dance class; encourage you to have enriching experience.
Meeting several years ago, Noreen and Dima became close friends and discovered they share a passion for many things.
Noreen traveled a lot for work and began to miss those amazing trips to far away cities. She loves experiencing new cultures, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and exploring new products unique to each city.
Dima used to throw amazing dinner parties and bring people together from different backgrounds, organize fundraisers, and help dispel stereotypes. She loves new cultures, meeting people, and learning about new traditions and fashion.
Both Noreen and Dima valued practicing self-care, supporting each other and other women, and discovered a new unique idea that will help connect cultures, bring wellness to women, and perhaps even inspire and enrich their days.
Travel & Wellness Subscription Box, from $63.00
Travel & Wellness Subscription Box

Introducing the modern woman to Explore products from new cultures, diversify your world view, and immerse yourself in wellness. Monthly self care box will arrive to your door full of diverse merchandise from around the world featuring wellness items, stylish accessories, inspiring products, treats and more! Every month there will be 6-8 full sized items such as: soy candles with many varieties, bath bombs, handmade soaps, and much more in store! Perfect to give as a gift or to keep for yourself!

From $63.00/mo.