• Culture Cakes Kit

Culture Cakes Kit

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Tacoma, WA
Give the gift of family bonding over travel and baking this holiday season. Experience and learn about a new culture or country every month, while baking the flavors it's known for. Learn about exotic, global flavor combos, new spices and baking techniques with the recipes PLUS 1-2 exotic ingredients/tools provided each month.
Culture Cakes - Baking Kits for Travel Lovers, from $32.50
Culture Cakes - Baking Kits for Travel Lovers

Each month your Culture Cakes Kit arrives at your door with the experience of a new country every month; featuring worldly snacks, exotic ingredients and the recipe to make a dozen cultural cupcakes! Each box lets you taste the country, discover new favorite snacks, and create fun flavors in a cupcake!

From $32.50/mo.