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Cure Crate

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Los Angeles, CA
Cure Crate delivers an individually curated selection of 4-5 full-size CBD products each month. CBD is not one-size-fits-all, so we start with a quiz designed to understand your wellness needs and tastes. Then we curate your custom selection and follow-up on how you like each product so each crate is even better than the next.
The New Crate, from $56.67
The New Crate

Top-quality CBD selected just for you. A unique wellness experience every month featuring full-size CBD products handpicked especially for your needs, tastes, and preferences. You will receive at least 4-5 hand picked CBD products each month that have been curated to target your specific goals, whether that is sleeping better or having better skin. We will regularly check-in to see how you are liking your products (it's our job to be the expert on your CBD tastes!) and will revise your products each month to keep you excited and moving towards your wellness goals.

From $56.67/mo.