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ChooseVinyl - Vinyl Record Club

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San Diego, CA
ChooseVinyl record club is the fastest and easiest way to grow a vinyl record collection. Each month, towards the end of the month, we make a great selection of pre-loved vinyl available for our members to add to their shipment. Pick, Ship, Listen..it's that easy.
1 Record Each Month - Choose Your Record, from $19.99
1 Record Each Month - Choose Your Record

Perfect as a gift or if you are new to vinyl or just want to check things out before you really start to build that collection. Each month you can Choose your Vinyl record from our online store or if you like to be surprised don't choose a record our curators will select a record to send to you based on the genres you tell us you enjoy. You record arrives cleaned, inspected and placed in new protective sleeves. Free Shipping and Handling too!

From $19.99/mo.