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Rooted in Ancient Chinese medicine and infused with Western medical science, Dejia Harmony is a groundbreaking wellness partner — one that empowers you to be the guardian of your health and wellness. We view wellness as a state of balance — harmony between the human mind and body and harmony between nature and humans. We are the starting point on the path to better understanding your unique health profile and providing self-management tools to help you reach your optimal health. Dejia Harmony is more than a company. We’re a team of peers who are solely focused on helping individuals thrive… because everyone is healthier when we’re aligned in harmony.
Traditional Medicine Integrative Approach to Wellness, from $118.80
Traditional Medicine Integrative Approach to Wellness

A monthly subscription box delivered to your door that includes: 6 bottles of Respiratory Detox Shot Workout guides, food and cocktail recipes with some featuring Respiratory Detox Shot (RDS) 4 oz. bag of one our signature loose teas 3-Pack of our all-natural foot soaks $118.80 per month with no commitment, cancel anytime by emailing info@dejiaharmony.com or calling 1-888-541-7955 Shipping within the continental US is free (AK and HI additional charges will apply) Shipping worldwide available – additional fees will apply based on geographic location An all-natural, herbal-based liquid, our Respiratory Detox Shot (RDS) helps dispel toxins from the human body and supports the immune system.* The Respiratory Detox Shot contains eight natural herbs combined with natural honeycomb and elderberry to create this health beverage. Many ingredients of this formula have attributes for supporting the lung's ability to naturally detoxify. Additionally, consuming the Respiratory Detox Shot (RDS) may also help with seasonal threats, natural energy levels, brain health, and healthy sleep.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

From $118.80/mo.