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St. Claire Shores, USA
The Crystal Path is an opportunity with the purpose of helping create and intensify positive energies by adding more love, peace, and joy to living now. Love is why we are here.
Stone And Sage Gift Sets, from $14.67
Stone And Sage Gift Sets

Monthly gift set delivered to your door. These gift sets contain metaphysical tools to enhance your life. Each set has a different theme, and may contain crystals with informational cards, sage, mojo bags and/or energetic sprays. Examples for the set may include the abundance set full of tools to help bring more abundance into your life or a smudging set that is full of things you need to start smudging your surroundings.

From $14.67/mo.

Stone and Sage Deluxe Gift Sets, from $22.08
Stone and Sage Deluxe Gift Sets

Includes additional metaphysical utensils with larger crystals or more product of the current month's theme. Each set is created individually with care and intention.

From $22.08/mo.

Just Rocks  Crystal Subscription, from $11.08
Just Rocks Crystal Subscription

Every month you will get two crystals, intuitively chosen, with an information card about the crystal and a mantra to enhance the energies within each crystal. Crystals are known for their properties to heal, protect, absorb, create energy, and help build a stronger immune systems. Crystals assist the body and being on an energetic level. They are wonderful for clearing stress and negative energy that can diminish health and lower the functioning of the immune system. Crystals can also infuse the body with higher vibrational energy to support cells, organs and systems within our bodies. Some of the crystals in the Just Rocks collection that are good for the immune system are: *Green Calcite, fortifies the immune system, brings stability, increases self-confidence, and helps overcome all obstacles. *Amethyst improves your power to protect yourself, it also resets the ability of your body to fight pathogens, meditating with amethyst aids in strengthening the immune system. *Moss Agate is a cleansing crystal, useful for clearing personal energy systems as well as environmental, it is highly regarded for it's stabilizing and strengthening influences. Each crystal comes charged with positive energies and healing Reiki energy. The crystals are packaged with protective salt, allowing the crystal to be shipped without diminishing its’ positive energy. Enjoy!

From $11.08/mo.