• DeveloPLAY Box

DeveloPLAY Box

oceanside, CA
DeveloPLAY Box was designed to make it EASY for parents and children to get the sensory and motor toys they need to help with self-regulation and motor skill building. I always have a list of my "go-to” BEST toys that are therapeutic, yet also so much fun. I thought, instead of writing down this list and having parents or teachers search for these toys, why not deliver the toys directly to them! Takes the stress and time out of having to search and buy multiple items and instead gives your child exactly what they need at your doorstep every month!
DeveloPLAY Box, from $39.66
DeveloPLAY Box

Monthly subscription boxes curated by a licensed pediatric occupational therapist with 5-8 specific tools and toys for sensory and motor development. Designed for children with sensory processing, mental health, and developmental differences, but fun for ALL children! Geared toward children diagnosed with Autism, Attention Deficits, anxiety, emotional and behavioral disorders. Delivered straight to your door!

From $39.66/mo.